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Unveiling Truth and Justice: Public Corruption Investigation Services in Missouri

Welcome to the forefront of justice in the state of Missouri, where our seasoned team of investigators is committed to exposing public corruption and ensuring accountability. Led by expert investigator Michael Bland, a former St. Louis County Police Officer with 20 years of service, our Public Corruption Investigation Services cover a wide range of cases involving dirty public officials, including police officers, lawyers, judges, police chiefs, city council members, and politicians.

Why Choose Our Public Corruption Investigation Services?

1. Comprehensive Expertise:

Our investigators specialize in public corruption cases, meticulously examining the actions of public officials across all major cities, towns, and regions in Missouri. From the urban landscape of St. Louis to the historic neighborhoods of St. Charles, we are dedicated to unveiling corruption wherever it exists.

2. Wide-Reaching Investigation:

Our commitment extends to all Missouri counties, ensuring that no corner of the state is immune to scrutiny. We investigate cases in:

  • St. Louis County
  • Jackson County
  • St. Charles County
  • Greene County
  • Jefferson County
  • Boone County
  • Clay County
  • Cass County
  • Platte County
  • Cole County

3. Exposing All Forms of Corruption:

Our investigations delve into various forms of corruption, including but not limited to:

  • Police Corruption: Investigating officers engaged in illegal activities or abusing their authority.
  • Legal Corruption: Scrutinizing lawyers involved in unethical practices or illegal activities.
  • Judicial Corruption: Examining the actions of judges involved in misconduct or corruption.
  • Political Corruption: Uncovering corruption among politicians, city council members, and public officials.

4. Global Perspective, Local Dedication:

Michael Bland’s global investigative experience, including work in Cairo, Egypt, enriches our local dedication. We understand the unique challenges faced by Missourians dealing with public corruption and bring a global perspective to every case.

Michael Bland: Your Expert Investigator


A former St. Louis County Police Officer with 20 years of service, Michael Bland has dedicated the last decade to solving complex criminal defense and white-collar crime investigations.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Police Corruption
  • Legal Corruption
  • Judicial Corruption
  • Political Corruption

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If you suspect public corruption or have evidence of wrongdoing by public officials in Missouri, our dedicated team, led by Michael Bland, is ready to stand by your side.

Contact us today for a confidential consultation. Let us be your ally in unveiling the truth and defending justice across the Show-Me State.

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